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Immerse in live-streaming with CameraFi Live MOD APK – an exceptional Android app for live streaming, crafted to aid streamers in effortlessly broadcasting high-quality videos. With the inimitable capability to support diverse camera connections and real-time video editing, this application is a potent tool for streamers to create compelling content. A myriad of features, including camera and screen modes, allow streamers to broadcast their camera shooting or use a smartphone screen, further enhancing the versatility of this powerful application.

The application’s dynamic nature extends to support external camera connection, allowing users to live stream high-quality videos using USB cameras with a high level of performance. The built-in features enable users to unlock the power of real-time video editing, adding an extra layer of depth to their broadcasts. From applying various filters to incorporating audio overlays, the CameraFi Live APK is a comprehensive live-streaming solution that can help streamers deliver rich, captivating broadcasts. Available on Google Play, this application is a testament to the evolving nature of live-streaming platforms.

What Does CameraFi Live MOD APK Do?

CameraFi Live Pro APK is a powerful app designed to enable streamers to broadcast high-quality videos on platforms like Twitch easily. It merges the convenience of your smartphone with sophisticated features, allowing users to broadcast high-quality videos easily through a simple setup. Camera Fi Live facilitates seamless connection and real-time video editing, whether you’re using the device’s front camera, a DSLR, or even a camcorder. Streamers can switch between various screen modes to either broadcast gameplay or engaging personal vlogs, enhancing their streams with diverse cool effects to attract viewers and sophisticated overlays within a few clicks, thanks to integration with alert platforms such as Streamlabs and customization via Streamlabs by web source overlay.

Moreover, Camera Fi APK doesn’t just stop at live broadcasting; it also offers an option to save your live-streaming video in your smartphone memory, making it effortless for creators to create a highlight video later. This feature ensures that the effort put into each live session can be repurposed for content across platforms. Adding to its versatility, the app supports using both the built-in mic and external microphone options, catering to various audio needs from news reporting to casual vlogs. Users can also add a personal touch with various video filters, including emboss, mono, and mosaic, or employ a picture-in-picture effect to display two video sources simultaneously, elevating their streams’ quality and dynamism.

For those looking to enhance their gaming streams, CameraFi Live MOD APK Unlocked allows you to broadcast all game genres. It utilizes the game’s visuals and the streamer’s reactions through a sophisticated audio source selection that can balance game sounds and commentary. Additionally, with the ability to incorporate various overlays within a few taps and integrate audio files for a customized streaming experience, streamers have an all-in-one solution at their fingertips. For activation and access to extensive features, users simply need to send their email address for activating all-in-one to unlock the power of CameraFi Live, transforming their smart device into a versatile broadcasting tool that can handle various sources at the same time, be it for professional use or personal fun.

Does CameraFi support motion effects for live streaming?

Camerafi APK Premium supports motion effects for live streaming. These effects include various options such as scoreboards and news graphics, enhancing the visual appeal of your broadcasts. You can create engaging and captivating content that attracts viewers’ attention using these dynamic features. Motion effects add creativity and professionalism to your live streams, making them more visually appealing and interactive. Whether you are streaming sports events, news reports, or any other content, these motion effects can help you stand out and create a unique viewing experience for your audience.

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What are the Key Features of CameraFi Live MOD APK?

Select Mode

Camera Fi Live allows users to choose between Camera and Screen modes for live broadcasts. By selecting Camera mode, you can stream live video footage directly from your smartphone’s camera. This allows you to showcase events, capture moments, or conduct interviews in real time.

On the other hand, Screen mode enables you to share what is displayed on your smartphone screen with your audience. This can be useful for demonstrating apps, giving tutorials, or showcasing presentations live. Switching between these two modes gives you complete control over the content you broadcast to your viewers.

External Camera Connection

CameraFi Live MOD APK enhances the quality of your live streams by supporting the connection of external high-quality USB cameras. This feature allows for precise shooting and zoom functions, resulting in sharper and more detailed visuals for your audience. By integrating these external cameras, you can elevate the production value of your streams and capture content with higher clarity and precision. 

Whether you are broadcasting events, creating tutorials, or engaging with your audience through live video, the ability to use professional-grade cameras through Camera Fi Live empowers you to deliver a more polished and professional streaming experience that resonates with viewers and enhances the overall impact of your content.

Overlay Features

CameraFi Live Premium APK allows users to enhance their live broadcasts with various overlays. With this app, streamers can seamlessly integrate images, text, videos, and audio into their live streams for an engaging viewer experience. Adding real-time overlays enables content creators to provide additional visual and interactive elements during their broadcasts.

The Camera Fi Live offers advanced features such as customizing the position, size, and duration of overlays to suit individual preferences. Utilizing this tool, streamers can easily create a professional-looking broadcast without the need for complex editing software. The intuitive interface makes adding overlays while streaming simple and convenient, enhancing the shared content’s overall quality.

Video Filters

CameraFi Live MOD APK No Watermark enriches the visual appeal of your live stream by providing a range of filters, including emboss, mosaic, mono, and cartoon options. These filters allow you to add creative effects to your broadcast, enhancing the overall aesthetics and engaging viewers with visually captivating content. Whether you aim to create a unique and artistic look for your stream or simply want to make it more dynamic and eye-catching, these diverse filter choices give you the flexibility to customize your video output according to your style and preferences. Integrating these filters into your live streams can elevate the viewing experience, attract more audience engagement, and make your content stand out in a crowded online landscape.

Chat Overlay

CameraFi APK enables easy viewer interaction through live chat messages during livestreaming sessions. This feature allows content creators to engage with their audience real time, fostering community and connection. Additionally, the app supports Super Chat, a monetization tool that allows viewers to highlight their messages for increased visibility by making a payment.

This can provide additional revenue streams for creators while enhancing viewer engagement and satisfaction. With CameraFi Live APK, content creators have potent tools to manage and respond to viewer comments effectively. Overall, this interactive platform enhances the live-streaming experience for creators and viewers alike.

Web Browser Overlay

Camera Fi Live enables users to connect seamlessly to donation and subscription alert platforms for monetization. By integrating with these platforms, content creators can effectively engage their audience and provide opportunities for viewers to support their work financially. 

This feature enhances the interactive nature of live streams and offers a way for streamers to generate revenue and monetize their content. Whether it’s receiving donations, setting up subscriptions, or showcasing alerts for supporter contributions, Camera Fi Live MOD APK empowers streamers to build a sustainable income stream while delivering engaging and valuable content to their audience.

Motion Effects

Enhance the appeal of your live stream by incorporating dynamic effects such as scoreboards and news graphics using Camera Fi Live Pro APK No Watermark. These features add a visually engaging element to your content, making it more attractive to viewers. Scoreboards can display important information in real-time, such as scores or statistics during gaming sessions or sports events. News graphics provide a professional touch, keeping viewers informed and engaged with the latest updates. 

Utilizing these features can create a more interactive and visually appealing livestream experience for your audience. The CameraFi Live allows you to customize these effects to suit your specific needs and preferences easily. Stand out from other live streamers and captivate your audience with these eye-catching visuals that enhance the viewing experience.

Audio Mixer

CameraFi Live MOD APK enhances the viewer experience by incorporating copyright-free music files as background music for live streams. By using these music files, content creators can create a more engaging and immersive atmosphere for their audience, adding depth and emotion to their broadcasts. The background music sets the tone for the stream and helps maintain viewer interest and captivate their attention throughout the broadcast. With a selection of copyright-free music available, streamers can enhance the overall quality of their content, create a more professional and polished presentation, and deliver an enjoyable and memorable viewing experience for their audience.

Multiple Shot

The CameraFi Live Full APK enables users to take multiple shots using their smartphone’s built-in camera. This feature allows greater versatility in capturing various angles and perspectives, resulting in more dynamic and engaging footage. With the ability to create multiple shots, users can easily switch between different angles without additional equipment or editing software.

Whether you’re shooting a live event, tutorial video, or vlog, having the option to capture multiple shots can significantly enhance the overall quality of your content. The CameraFi APK MOD makes seamlessly transitioning between shots simple, creating a more professional-looking final product. This feature allows users to elevate their live streams and recordings by adding visual interest and diversity through camera angles.


CameraFi Live App allows broadcast to over 30 streaming platforms simultaneously through Restream, enabling content creators to expand their reach and engage with a broader audience. By leveraging this feature, streamers can maximize their visibility and connect concurrently with viewers across multiple platforms. This multi-streaming capability increases exposure and allows streamers to cater to diverse audiences and preferences, ultimately enhancing their content’s impact and reach. 

With the ability to reach a wider audience through various streaming platforms, CameraFi Live MOD APK No Watermark empowers creators to grow their viewership, build a community, and establish a more substantial online presence in the digital landscape.

Save Live Video

The CameraFi Live APK lets users save live-streaming videos directly onto their smartphone’s memory. This feature enables content creators to easily access their videos for future use, like compiling highlight reels or repurposing content for social media. By having the option to store videos locally, users can avoid the hassle of downloading videos from external sources or cloud storage services.

Furthermore, this capability allows for quick and convenient editing of live-streamed footage on the go without needing an internet connection. With a simple button tap, users can ensure their valuable video content is safely stored and easily retrievable whenever needed. The CameraFi Live’s ability to save videos locally enhances convenience and empowers users with greater control over managing their live-streaming content efficiently.

Pros and Cons of Camera Fi Live MOD APK


  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to use.
  • Supports various live-streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Offers a wide range of editing features for customizing live streams.
  • Allows users to add graphics, text overlays, and filters to enhance broadcasts.
  • Provides real-time monitoring tools to track audience engagement during live streams.


  • Some advanced features may require a paid subscription.
  • Limited compatibility with specific devices and operating systems.
  • Occasional lag or buffering issues during live broadcasts.
  • It may consume significant battery power and storage space on mobile devices.
  • Customer support can be slow to respond to inquiries or issues users report.

How to Use CameraFi Live MOD APK?

Here are some tips:

  • External Camera Connection: Utilize high-quality USB cameras for precise shooting and zoom functions to enhance the quality of your streams.
  • Overlay Features: Experiment with image, text, video, and audio overlays to add visual interest and engage your audience.
  • Video Filters: Enhance the visual appeal of your stream by applying various filters like emboss, mosaic, mono, and cartoon.
  • Chat Interaction: Enable chat overlay to interact with viewers in real time, fostering engagement and connection.
  • Multi-Streaming: Broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously using Restream to expand your reach and audience.
  • Motion Effects: Use dynamic effects like scoreboards and news graphics to make your streams more engaging.
  • Background Music: Incorporate copyright-free music files as background music to enhance the overall viewer experience.
  • Save Live Video: Save your live-streaming videos for later use, such as creating highlight reels or sharing on social media.

Download CameraFi Live MOD APK Premium Unlocked

CameraFi Live Pro APK is a versatile live-streaming app that offers a wide range of features to enhance your broadcasting experience. From external camera connections and overlay options to video filters and chat interaction, Camera Fi APK MOD provides tools to create engaging and professional streams. The ability to multi-stream to over 30 platforms simultaneously using Restream expands your reach, while features like motion effects and background music add depth to your content. By effectively leveraging these tips and tricks, you can elevate the quality of your live streams, engage with your audience, and create captivating broadcasts that stand out in the digital landscape.


Can users monetize their live broadcasts with CameraFi Live?

Users can monetize their live broadcasts by connecting with donation/subscription alert platforms like Streamlabs through web source overlay.

Can external cameras be connected to CameraFi Live?

Yes, Camera Fi Live APK supports external camera connections, enabling users to live stream high-quality videos through clear shooting and zoom functions using USB cameras like camcorders and DSLRs.

How many video sources can be displayed simultaneously in CameraFi Live MOD APK?

CameraFi Live supports Picture in Picture (PIP) feature, allowing users to show two video sources at the same time during live streaming.

Download CameraFi Live MOD APK

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