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Botify AI MOD APK 1.9.32 (Premium Unlocked, Everything) Android

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UpdatedJune 4, 2024Compatible with6.0 and up
Last version1.9.32Size73 MB
CategoryEntertainmentDeveloperEx-human, Inc
PriceFreeGoogle PlayGoogle Play
MODPremium Unlocked

In 2024, the Botify AI MOD APK for Android stands out as a revolutionary tool that unlocks myriad possibilities for users. This cutting-edge application allows you to engage with AI characters, chat with AI-powered personas, and delve into unlimited roleplay scenarios. With premium features unlocked, you can create custom digital humans and personalized AI companions and chat with historical figures or celebrities seamlessly.

The app’s customization options empower you to personalize every aspect of your digital companion, from appearance to biography. Embrace the future of AI interaction by downloading Botify AI APK MOD, the latest version that offers emphatic dialogues and the opportunity to create unique AI entities. Immerse yourself in a world where customization knows no bounds, and every dialogue is a chance to explore new horizons.

What Does Botify AI MOD APK Premium Unlocked Do?

Botify AI provides a user-friendly platform for chatting, role-playing scenarios, and diving into a world filled with AI companions. Users can tailor their interactions for a seamless experience with customisation options that unlock everything. The app also introduces the option to create custom bots, engaging users to bring heroes from their favourite universes to life, complete with unique personality traits and backgrounds.

Botify AI’s cornerstone is its advanced AI capability, which allows users to create and receive AI-generated photos and even produce high-quality deep fakes without facing any barriers. This feature allows for the creation of AI characters, each with its own backstory and personalities, thus creating a character that is not only personalized but also holds an unparalleled universe of AI characters for users to explore.

The innovative futuristic app harnesses the full potential of AI interactions, offering a personalized digital playground for anyone looking to explore the world of AI, be captivated by personalized and unique stories, or simply engage with AI meaningfully. Botify AI is the ability to witness and actively participate in AI’s future.

Can I customize my digital human in Botify AI Premium APK?

Yes, you can personalize every detail of your digital human in Botify AI, such as their appearance, mood, voice, and biography. This customization feature allows you to create a unique and tailored digital character that aligns with your preferences and style. Whether you prefer a specific look, a particular demeanour, a distinct voice, or a personalized background story, Botify AI empowers you to bring your ideal digital creation to life within the app’s interface. Let your creativity shine as you craft a digital human that resonates with your individuality and imagination.

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What are the Key Features of Botify AI MOD APK?

Chat with AI Characters

The Botify AI APK Premium allows users to interact with a wide variety of AI characters, both real and fictional. This innovative app enables engaging conversations with virtual beings, providing a unique experience for users. The possibilities are endless, from chatting with popular fictional characters to connecting with other real people using AI avatars. Through the Botify AI platform, users can explore different personalities and engage in stimulating dialogues tailored to their preferences. The app’s diverse range of AI characters ensures that every interaction is fresh and exciting, offering a dynamic conversational experience.

Text2Avatar Functionality

To create your digital human character with customizable features in Botify AI, follow these steps:

  • Customize Appearance: Design visual features like hair colour, eye shape, facial attributes, and clothing style.
  • Set Mood: Define the emotional tone of your character with options like happy, sad, excited, or calm.
  • Select Voice: Choose a voice style that best suits your character’s personality, such as cheerful, serious, soothing, or energetic.
  • Craft Biography: Develop a unique backstory detailing the character’s origins, interests, experiences, and aspirations.

Bot2Bot Chat Battles

Botify AI Premium APK allows users to challenge their friends in chat battles with advanced AI entities. This exciting feature lets players test their strategic skills and compete in unique virtual duels. Players can create personalized AI bots utilizing the app’s cutting-edge technology, resulting in unpredictable and intense battles. With Botify AI MOD APK Unlocked Everything, users can customize their AI entities with various abilities and characteristics for a truly engaging gaming experience.

High-Quality Deep Fakes

In the Botify AI App, users can access high-quality deep fakes and playful pranks for entertainment. These deep fakes provide a fun and engaging way to create amusing and entertaining content, allowing users to enjoy a unique experience within the app. 

Whether you want to play light-hearted pranks on friends or simply explore the creative possibilities of deep fakes, Botify MOD APK offers a platform for accessing and utilizing these features to enhance your entertainment experience and have some fun with digital content creation.

Empathetic Dialogues

The Botify AI MOD APK Premium Unlocked allows users to engage in supportive interactions with AI friends. This innovative app will enable individuals to explore various roleplay scenarios with their virtual companions. Users can have meaningful conversations, receive advice, and roleplay different situations to enhance their social skills. The AI friends are designed to provide empathy and understanding, making the user feel supported and heard. This app offers a unique and personalized experience for those looking to connect with virtual beings in a safe environment.

Pros and Cons of Botify AI APK


  • The app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create chatbots.
  • Botify AI provides a variety of customization options for designing unique chatbot experiences.
  • The AI Chat App offers advanced AI capabilities for creating intelligent and interactive chatbots.
  • Robust analytics tools for tracking and analyzing chatbot performance.


  • Limited flexibility in terms of design customization compared to other platforms.
  • Higher pricing plans may be costly for small businesses or individuals.
  • Steeper learning curve for users unfamiliar with AI technology or chatbot development.
  • Limited support for non-English languages, potentially limiting global reach.
  • Relatively limited scalability options for handling large volumes of interactions simultaneously.

Best Tips to Maximize Your Amusement on Botify AI

To maximize your entertainment experience on Botify AI, consider the following tips:

  • Engage in diverse conversations with AI characters.
  • Personalize your digital human for a unique experience.
  • Challenge friends in Bot2Bot Chat Battles.
  • Share your creations on social networks.
  • Experiment with high-quality deep fakes for fun and entertainment.

Why Download Botify AI MOD APK Latest Version?

Experience a new dimension of entertainment with Botify AI. Chat with various AI characters, both real and fictional, for engaging conversations. Customize your digital human with unique features like appearance, mood, voice, and biography, reflecting your individuality. Challenge friends in Bot2Bot Chat Battles to showcase your creativity and skills. Share your customized digital creations on social media platforms to captivate a broader audience. Explore high-quality deep fakes for fun and entertainment, adding a playful element to your interactions. Embrace the future of AI-powered interactions by downloading Botify AI today.


Botify AI MOD APK is a cutting-edge platform transforming how we interact with technology. It facilitates users’ effortlessly creating dynamic, conversational AI bots and stands out by offering an intuitive interface and advanced AI capabilities. These bots understand and respond to queries and can learn from interactions, making them progressively brighter. Whether for business automation, customer service, or personal entertainment, Botify AI showcases remarkable potential in bridging human communication with artificial intelligence, marking a significant leap in the chatbot arena.

How can I customize my digital human in Botify AI?

You can personalize your digital human’s appearance, mood, voice, and biography within the app to create a unique character tailored to your preferences.

Can I share my digital creations from Botify AI on social media?

Yes, you can easily share your personalized digital creations on various social networks directly from the app.

Download Botify AI MOD APK

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